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The aim of the Branch is to maintain and promote ‘esprit de corps’ and comradeship amongst all Royal Marines; to keep them in touch with one another, and to look out for their welfare at a local level.

Whether you’re just starting out, serving full-time or with the Reserves, preparing for civilian life or already there, belonging to the Royal Marines Association (RMA) locally keeps you at the very heart of the Royal Marines Family and the opportunity to meet old friends and make new.

We’re the constant thread that runs right through your life, providing camaraderie, support, stability, and practical help at the local level. There comes a time when we need a little extra help and assistance. The Royal Marines Veteran Support organisation delivers the core support for the RMA Family.


Wounded, Injured or Sick?

Ours is a hard, often dangerous profession. If you’ve been hurt in body or mind, in combat, active service or civilian life, you never have to go through it alone.


Family and Home

Life in the Royal Marines is nomadic and circumstances are ever-changing. Wherever duty takes you, you and your family can call on us.



Alongside the Royal Marines Charity and other partners who support the Royal Marines Family, we can signpost you to financial advice and funding sources at every life-stage. Civilian life may not present the same dangers as serving with the Royal Marines, but that doesn’t mean the transition is always easy.


Annual branch membership of £20 gives you access to:

• Monthly branch meetings held at The Union Jack Club, Waterloo.

• A vibrant, active branch where you can meet comrades from all around London,

the South East and farther afield.

• Make new friends over a wet or two.

• Participate in local branch events.

• Join the wider RMA membership through participation in main events.

• Strong partnership with the serving Corps and the RMR.

• Welfare support for all of the Corps Family. 


Please follow the link below to register with RMA Central Office (for free) or contact us here

You will then receive an introduction email from our branch Membership Secretary.

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