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A Very Successful Annual Branch Dinner

The Branch Annual Dinner 2022 was held in the Gascoigne Suite of the Union Jack Club on Friday 18th March. Diners on the top table included Branch President Lt General Sir Robert Fulton KBE KStJ, Lt General Sir Henry Beverley KCB OBE and Lady Sally, Major General Julian Thompson CB OBE and Jane Thompson, Lt Colonel Oliver Todd RM, Andy and Maxine Merry and last but by no means least, Chairman Graeme Golightly and Sharon. Notwithstanding some last minute cancellations, mainly due to positive Covid results, the turnout was impressive. General Thompson’s after dinner speech related to the Falklands Conflict which he summed up by emphasising that once strategic decisions had been taken the victorious outcome had been achieved by ‘boots on the ground’ and the efficiency of British troops......

APRIL 2022
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