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360th Birthday Year - Graspan Parade

"We had some guests join us in our May branch meeting, which was once again held in the reserved bar lounge. They were David Brazilay, Brian Kitchenham and Louis Morrit and warm welcome was extended to them all, by the members. Apologies were received by John Alingham, Norman Saints and Mike Russel.

This years Graspan parade was carried by one of the largest turnouts of RMA members, for a long time and the fine weather was duly ordered and delivered. Our branch standard was carried on parade by Peter Brown MBE and a number of our branch members also attended this important parade. After the remembrance service at the Graspan memorial, we then

marched proudly down the Mall along Bird Cage Walk and then finally back into Horse Guards, being led by our own RM band from HMS Collingwood, along with the most recent Kings Squad followed by RMA members and then finally the RMVC.......

JUNE 2024
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