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Graspan Parade Sunday 14th May 2023

If you have not yet applied for tickets via RMA Central Office, then please do so now. There are two options: 1) Marching only. 2) Marching and post parade reception at the UJC. If you can’t march due to an ailment, you can attend as a non-marcher, and of course please bring your wife or partner along. Afterwards there is a reception being held at the Union Jack Club, under option 2. Please note that this is a ticket event.

Contact: https//

Telephone 02392 981920

Background In April 1984 a small group of former Royal Marines, about half a dozen or so, of the then fledgling City of London Branch, laid a wreath at a war memorial on The Mall. Hardly anyone took any notice as these ‘few’ paid their respects to the fallen of far off and long forgott

en campaigns. The ceremony had to be short as well as modest, due to the Burma Star Association parade taking place at the same time, which in turn attracted large numbers of on-lookers, many of whom were ‘milling about’ as our associates paid their respects......

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