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February 2021. Thank you Tony Luckens, BEM

As some of you may already be aware, our highly valued secretary Tony Luckens BEM has decided to stand down from the branch committee. Over the last 5 years Tony has been a fantastic asset to the committee and indeed of the branch. When he first became the secretary he grabbed this position with both hands and instigated noticeboard news items within our reserved bar area at the monthly meetings. Members could then see at a glance what our monthly activities were. His enthusiasm and motivation is boundless, always wanting to do what’s best for our members. Some of this is seen but most of it was not. On behalf of all our members, thank you so much Tony for what you have brought to the committee. From a personal point of view I thank you immensely for your ongoing support and guidance. So please just now sit back, put your slippers on and hopefully, if and when we get all back to some normality at the UJC, you will become a very active back bencher. If any member feels he could actively take on the role of branch secretary, then please do get in touch with me. Tony has offered a full hand over along with any help the new secretary may need. Please see Page 11 for the advertisement. We have received some social media correspondence via Facebook from Peter Helsby of RMA Portsmouth. He has notified us that his members have been busy keeping the memorial benches at Eastney, one of which we have sponsored, in good order. A suggestion has been made that when we eventually come out of this pandemic, we might organise a branch minibus to visit and socialise with our oppos at RMA Portsmouth. Watch this space. By now you will have been contacted by Stephen Gilkes on the suggested reduction of the branch membership fee for 2021. Your committee agreed that the current climate warranted a discount offer, so please, if you are unaware of this, please contact Stephen. Hopefully, with the much anticipated COVID vaccine roll out underway, it should be a much better year than 2020 - fingers crossed. I am aware that many of our senior members have already had their first vaccine - well done chaps.

Finally, may I wish all our members a Happy New Year for 2021. Please continue to stay alert and safe.

With very best wishes, Graeme Golightly

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