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The Ceremony of the Constable Dues - Supplement

On the 14th March 2024 Royal Marines powered along the River Thames to deliver a barrel of port to the Tower of London as part of an historic Ceremony of the Dues marking the Corps’ 360th anniversary.

Three raiding craft made the short journey from HMS President, under Tower Bridge to the Tower of London carrying the ‘Dues’ (the barrel of port) for the Constable of the Tower – fittingly, retired senior Royal Marine, General Sir Gordon Messenger.

The ceremony is a tradition that dates back to the 14th Century when naval ships passing into London were ordered to pay a levy.

Normally Royal Navy sailors carry out this task, but given the significance of their 360th year, Royal Marines were given the honour to

mark their illustrious history and also their place at the very forefront of UK Defence.

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