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What's The Branch Chairman Up To??

A WORD FROM THE EDITOR Ladies and Gentlemen, You will note from the following articles that Graeme has of late been extremely busy and what with me being out of circulation for the last few weeks has led to a rather hurried City Royal for July. In addition, our Chairman, Richard Kingshott, John Allingham and Roger (Tiny) Payne from the branch, is off under canvas this weekend at the Capel Military Show at Dorking, Surrey Capel Military Show hGps:// promo6ng/fundraising for the Royal Marines Association-The Royal Marines Charity - full report next issue, but here is a snippet of a photo which includes Lt Col Gary Green OBE RM son, whom visited us at the show.

Thus it has fallen upon me to fill this first section. Firstly I would like to thank those who have kindly sent me their best wishes, sent me reading material and visited me in hospital, you know who you are, and also our Welfare Officer Norman Saints from whom I have received regular telephone calls. I’m well on the road now and later this month I shall be commencing a six week ‘phys’ course to help things along.

JULY 2022
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