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Light At The End of The Tunnel Again ......

Ladies and Gents,

Guests & New Members - I am delighted to announce that we welcomed Martn (Billy) Goddard as a new member at our meetng in January 2022. Billy will be running the London Marathon this year and will be raising funds solely for the benefit of our branch. Thank you Billy.

Future Events - Friday 11th February – RMA Central “Pop- Up Branch” The “pop up” branch concept is where RMA Central will be hosting gatherings in RM rich areas around the UK to increase the awareness of the RMA-TRMC and the Corps family at large. The first outing will be in London so please read on.

The RMA will be holding a “pop up” branch night in Horse and Guardsman (formally the Lord Moon of The Mall) pub in Whitehall, London on the evening of Friday 11th February 2022. From 1900 the RMA membership team will be in the pub to welcome all members of the RMA and Corps Family to a night of dit spinning and fun. It will provide an opportunity for anyone is not a member of the RMA and sign up that night, and they might even get a free wet! Please do make the effort to come along and drag any of your Bootneck mates along who have always been shy of attending anything to do with the RMA. There is no dress code as the aim is to make this as informal as possible and as much fun as we can!........

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